Presented by Women of NOW
in partnership with the
Houston Community College Sociology Club


Fundraiser Luncheon

April 9, 2019
11:00 am to 2:00pm


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Minal Patel Davis

As the keynote speaker, four-time Awardee Minal Patel Davis serves as Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Special Advisor on Human Trafficking and received the 2018 Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking. The Special Advisor position is the first municipal-level position of its kind in the U.S. Appointed. Minal Patel Davis will be gracing this event with her powerful presence to share her journey and tools to eradicate sex trafficking. Minal Patel Davis was appointed to be a special adviser to Mayor Sylvester Turner in 2015 with the mission of implementing a plan to halt this trade, starting with Houston.

Kathy McGibbon

Kathy McGibbon, after many years of living in silence, Katherine decided to journal what happened to her as a way of dealing with the surreal experience. That journal became a book. That book became a stage play. Thus, she has mustered the strength to join the movement against sex trafficking and harnessed the power to give that opportunity to others trapped in this trade. Partnering with several nonprofit organizations, Katherine’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness, fight for those who are being trafficked and mentor those who have overcome it. Having been a survivor of the area known to have the highest number of humans trafficked in the U.S, her presence will make this an event to empower.

W.O.N’s Anti-Sex Trafficking movement is unique to many others as we seek to address the underlying cause, gender equalities and the objectification of women. Society as a whole continues to place higher economic and social values on men than on women and equates a women’s value with the sexual services she can provide, therefore women will always be more vulnerable to sex trafficking than men. Women are seen as a lesser class.

 W.O.N’s goal to improve economic empowerment of women and girls the world over would certainly reduce the risk of trafficking.

Our Mission:
HOW do we STOP this epidemic? Sex- trafficking operates on principles of supply and demand. It all comes down to men. We need our men to be trained to stand up and defend and protect women and children. W.O.N realizes that in order to Prevent sex trafficking it requires exploration of the root causes.