Elizabeth Quiroz is a survivor of sex trafficking and as she says, " I am an overcomer".

Elizabeth was the victim of a broken foster-care system that focused on her negative behavior while missing signs of abuse and trauma. Elizabeth soon found herself trapped in an abusive relationship, the victim of human trafficking, moving from the foster care system to the juvenile justice system, and on to the jail and prison systems.

Elizabeth's passion for helping victims of human sex trafficking has led her to start a nonprofit organization that will open a safe-house for human trafficking victims here in Sonoma County called Redemption House of The Bay Area.  Elizabeth does all of this while working with her husband, José "Mico" Quiroz to raise their children, and working to raise awareness about human trafficking and its long-term impact on the lives of girls and women in communities across the country.

W.O.N’s Anti-Sex Trafficking movement is unique to many others as we seek to address the underlying cause, gender equalities and the objectification of women. Society as a whole continues to place higher economic and social values on men than on women and equates a women’s value with the sexual services she can provide, therefore women will always be more vulnerable to sex trafficking than men. Women are seen as a lesser class.

W.O.N’s goal to improve economic empowerment of women and girls the world over would certainly reduce the risk of trafficking.

Our Mission:

HOW do we STOP this epidemic? Sex- trafficking operates on principles of supply and demand. It all comes down to men. We need our men to be trained to stand up and defend and protect women and children. W.O.N realizes that in order to Prevent sex trafficking it requires exploration of the root causes.