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    Women of NOW LLC

    Women of NOW LLC, located in Houston, is positioning itself to be the #1 WINNER for women.
    An acknowledged global leader in international business, with ties reaching all over the globe. Our Company has worked with several hundred women leaders since 2000. We are dedicated to utilize all media outlets, resources, and relationships to move women to the forefront, strengthen their livelihood, and expand a positive a lasting imprint on the images of women.

    Launching women in to their now!

    Keeping your Body and Mind Healthy.

    At Women of Now LLC we strive for excellence.

    Now Herstory

    Donna McGowan
    Founder and Visionary Entrepreneur
    Donna McGowan, woman, wife, and mother, is the founder and visionary entrepreneur of Women of NOW LLC, an expansion of her vision of unity and strength for women. Women of NOW LLC is positioning itself to become this century's #1 powerful winner for women. As a businesswoman, national and international speaker, Donna takes a holistic approach having the whole woman in mind. Women leaders, businesswoman, and entrepreneurs, while learning, are intuitively led to lead from a place of wholeness. Donna is distinguished by her passion to lead women to walk in that revealed power from within. “It’s a Win-Win."

    Believing in Your Dreams

    Believing in Your Dreams Believe, vision, taking risks, determination, inspiring friends, courage,
    and optimistic thoughts are seven essential success strategies needed to achieve your dreams, your goals, and accomplish success in your life.